Parapet Bracket

To complete the façade panel support system, HAZ offers the design and manufacture of FIX-BRA parapet brackets. These brackets are used for the safe and easy support of parapet prefabricated components on to the supporting subframe.

Prefabricated concrete parapet panels are attached to the load bearing subframe with FIX-BRA parapet brackets, which are specially designed for the secure support of these high load structures. To achieve even load distribution, two parapet brackets are used to install each panel. These brackets are partially casted in to the component where there is reinforcement with rebars to achieve higher load capacity. The parapet brackets are attached to the subframe either with anchor channels or anchor bolts.

Concrete Panel Support System
Parapet Corbels
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PA-BRA Parapet Corbel Bracket

  • Custom designed to suit large range of parapet components
  • Wall thicknesses of up to 200 mm
  • Supplied with B500 grade rebar