HB01Sleeve Anchor Bolt
HB03 Through Anchor Bolt
HB09 Haz Super Anchor Bolt
HB07 Chemical Anchor Bolt
HB06 Drop-in Anchor Bolt
HB05 Shell Anchor Bolt


Anchor Bolts

HB Anchor Bolts are used for fastening components on to load bearing substrates. There are many types of anchor bolts available for use for installing fixtures on to different types of base materials.

Anchor bolt type selection is made according to the type of walls, whether it is, concrete, masonry, block work. Design resistance loads for tensile and shear, are taken into account in order for the correct selection of the anchor bolts.

Expansion bolts are all tested to meet the tensile force and shear force performance criteria. There are different anchor bolt sizes to meet the design loads of the application. Load capacities of the anchor bolts are verified by the testing made in house and in authorised testing laboratories.

Main categories of anchor bolts
  • Torque - Controlled Expansion Anchors
  • Bonded Anchors
  • Undercut Anchors
  • Deformation - Controlled Expansion Anchor

Anchor bolts are available in stainless steel grade 1.4301 & 1.4401 and galvanized mild steel grade 1.0038


Types of Anchor Bolts

HB01 Sleeve Anchor Bolt

The HB01 Sleeve Anchor bolt is used for all types of fixing attached to concrete walls or filled blockwork walls. The bolts are hammered into the drilled holes, and the anchors are fixed by torqueing the nut on the bolt. Good anchorage is archived through the expansion of the sleeve throughout the drilled hole.

HB03 Through Anchor Bolt

The HB03 Through anchor bolt is used for all types of fixing attached to concrete walls with a minimum C20/25 quality. The bolts are hammermen into the drilled hole, and fixing is done by torquing the nut. Final torque is achieved fast because the ring on the bolts is optimized to expand quickly. The safe fixture is made by the ring gripping firmly in the drilled hole.

HB05 Shell Anchor Bolt

The HB05 shell anchor bolt is used for fixing made on to concrete walls or filled and reinforced masonry walls. The shell is hammered into the concrete first until fully inserted. The torque is achieved using the hex bolt. As the torqueing is made the shell is expanded firmly gripping the area around the drilled hole.

HB06 Drop-in Anchor Bolt

The HB06 drop-in anchor bolt is used for fixing pipes, false ceilings, etc., on the concrete walls. This bolt is installed in two stages. First, the shell is hammered into a drilled hole with a hand tool, and then the facing is made with a hex bold. Shells expand in the concrete hole as the pin opens the shell after a setting process, which firmly grips the area around the drill hole. The fixture is made by a hex bolt, which is anchored into the substrate.

HB07 Chemical Anchor Bolt

The HB07 chemical anchor bolt is used for fixing steel construction elements onto hollow block work and hollow masonry walls as well as concrete walls. Chemical capsules or epoxy acraliyt tubes are inserted or injected into the drilled holes and the bolts are set into the holes. Anchors are fastened after the adhesive has been curried.

HB09 HAZ Anchor Super

The HB09 HAZ Super anchor bolt is used for fixing anchors onto the rear side of stone slabs. The bolts are hammered into the drilled hole gently, and then torqueing is done, expanding the serrated washers create a firm grip in side the drilled hole. This system is an economic and easy to use method which does not require the use of special drilling tools and expensive work stations.