Precast Concrete Fixings

FIX-PA Precast Concrete supports system is specially designed for the secure and fast installation of prefabricated concrete panels onto load-bearing structures. This system consists of support and restraining elements.

The FIX-PA precast concrete brackets consist of an upper section, centre section and special fitting which is cast into the concrete panel. Depending on the design resistance loads and the fixing type to the structure, there are different types of upper sections. The standard upper section is fastened at the edge of the sub-structure.

The standard FIX-PA panel brackets can support loads of up to 35 kN. However, custom-made designs can be made to achieve loads of up to 70 kN. The FIX-PA are tested and verified by calculations and further inspections carried out by third-party approval inspection bodies.

Precast Concrete panels are restrained by using FIX-BR spacing bolts which are compatible with the FIX-PA anchors. The standard cavity sizes are 240 mm and are supplied with ISO plastic spacers.

Prefabricated Concrete Panel Support

Parapet Support System

Prefabricated concrete facade panels are suspended on the subframe using FIX-PA Panels Brackets which enable safe and quick installation. Each panel is installed using two facade anchors in order to distribute the load evenly. FIX-BR spacing bolts are used to restrain the panels from wind loads. Four restraint anchors are required to fix each panel. FIX Panels Fixing Systems are verified by testing and structural calculations.

Prefabricated concrete parapet panels are attached to the load-bearing subframe with FIX-BRA parapet brackets, which are specially designed for the secure support of these high-load structures. In achieving even load distribution, two parapet brackets are used to install each panel. These brackets are partially inserted into the prefabricated panel the means of rebars that are fixed to the brackets. The parapet brackets are attached to the concrete subframe with approved anchor channels or anchor bolts.