HWT Wall Ties

The HWT Wall ties provide secure and easy connections between concrete components. Serrated ties and washers enable safe transmittal of tensile loads.

Wall ties are used with cast-in channels and T-head bolts to achieve three-dimensional adjustability for restraining attachments of prefabricated concrete components.

Wall ties are available in stainless steel 1.4301 & 1.4401 and hot dip galvanised W 1.0038 grade steel.


Types of Wall Ties for Cast-in Channels


MAS - 25/15 Brick Tie channels are cold rolled pre-galvanized channels that have punched lugs on the back of the channels. This channels provided the same loading performance as the 28/15 and is an economic option for use in restraining brick walls on to concrete.

Lugs are punched out every 250 mm and the channels are supplied with a strip filler.

A debonding sleeve is used as a cover for the wall ties. This enables the wall tie to accommodate longitudinal movement in the direction of the tie. This is ideal when installing long masonry walls or when tying in large span infill walls to floor slabs. Debonding sleeves allow room for movement and prevents any cracking of masonry walls.