How to install HZ Anchor

HZ Z anchors

This animation illustrates the use of HZ Z Anchors to install stone panels on to concrete walls.

As you can see in the animation, a detailed fixing methodology is shown on how to fasten the Z Anchors.

The main feature of the Z Anchors is three dimensional adjustability that underlines the main advantage of using this system to install stone panels.

Animation FOR AXO Anchor

AXO BODY anchors Stone panels are supported onto load bearing substrate using anchor bolts. Body anchors can carry higher loads at larger cavities.

HMPC Sub - Channel Systems

Sub Channel System

HMPC installation animation This animation shows the installation of stone panels using the HMPC Sub - Channel system. Channels are spanned between floor levels. Stones panels are attached to the channels with anchors. Strong and fully adjustable stone wall support system.

Rolana Channel System with speed fix anchors

Aluminium Sub Channel System

This animation is for the rolana type aluminium channel used with corresponding

Fix Bracket System

FIX Brick support Brackets The fix brick support bracket is a specially designed brickwork support system. This animation. illustrate easy and fast way of installing brick facade using the fix anchors.

Chemical Bolt

Chemical Bolt installation animation

Cast-in Channel

Cast-in Channel installation animation

HB11 Undercut Bolt Fixing

HB11 Undercut Bolt Fixing installation animation

PA2 System

PA2 System installation animation

Cast in Channel

Cast in Channel Wood installation animation

Cast in Channel

Cast in Channel Steel installation animation

ALU P Sub Channel Systems

ALU P Aluminium Sub Channel System installation animation

HB11 UnderCut Bolt

HB11 UnderCut Bolt drilling and installation animation

GEM Project

Original Design and Value Engineering together with Predeman-Berlin & Haz Metal